Ready for Another Adventure

The past 6 months has been a transition period to say the very least. Other than the relationship status, I also had to grow up AGAIN. New car (due to a major car accident), new job, and new house. While these are all positive changes, they all came with a price…a big one and it all came at once. Not only was I dealing with the breakup, and as you know, I don’t deal with breakups well mentally, I had to deal with all these major changes as well. 

Every morning, initially, was a battle. Every week was a new responsibility. Every month was a new challenge. 

I’m happy to say now that I’ve finally settled into this new chapter in my life. After all the curve balls that was thrown at me the last 6 months, I finally feel free again. I can breathe. 

Yes the challenges are still present but I now at least feel more in control and that I can handle them. And some of the challenges, I’m welcoming! 

I feel like I’m myself again and therefore I’m going to start doing what I’ve always loved doing in my spare time again: going on adventures. Live music! Food! Drinks! Traveling! I need this all back in my life because it’s been missing for a little bit. 

My feel good feeling couldn’t have come at a better time. Next month marks my 6 months with my new job which means…….PTO TIME!!! Traveling, here I come! Also, next month, every weekend is packed with social event after social event. Friends are coming into town, fun & drunkenness ensues…and when was the last time I even got drunk? IT’S BEEN AWHILE. 

Hi World, your pseudo woo girl is back! At least until I’m tired or emotionally drained. Whichever comes first. But until that happens:


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