Peace out August

August has been all about packing up, moving out, and cleaning up the mess that was made in the last year. Oh and eating shit because it was my birthday but also my lack of time to cook and stress levels were high.

September will be dedicated to refocusing. Unpacking, settling into routine again including cooking and working out, and just…refocusing. I want to live the life I’ve always imagined for myself. No more excuses and especially no more whining of being tired & old. Okay, I’ll still whine if I don’t nap…that’s something I choose to keep in my life. Naps.

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Skirts are straight LEGIT 👌
I Am such a Queen tonight.

Shanti 🙏🌻

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I feel like it’s not about the music anymore—it’s about how many friends you have on Facebook and your Instagram pictures. I hate that. I feel so bad for the talented new bands that are working so hard, and they have to fight with these monsters where it’s all about the appearance, the way you look, the amount of posts you did this month. I don’t want to be a part of that—going to a festival and taking a selfie on stage and all the EDM shit. I feel like it’s such bad publicity for music and for true artists, and I’ll try to fight as hard as I can to not be like that.
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Goodbye Mid-20s

24-26. My mid-20s. You were pretty good. 

Austin. Houston. Boston. Houston, again. From earning my masters to falling in love, and every adventure in between, you’ve been good. I would say 25 was the best year EVER! 

The last several months seems like I’ve been preparing for the last 3rd of my 20s - my late 20s. From starting a new career, buying a new car, and now a new home…seems like it’s a fresh start for a new era. 

I don’t know what the last 3rd of my 20s hold for me but I hope it’s uphill. To more adventures, laughter, milestones, and love. <3 

I’m the Jerk and I’m Okay With That

I’ve been a jerk and although I feel bad, I don’t feel that bad. #sorrynotsorry

I feel bad because if I was in this guy’s shoes, I’d be butt hurt with the way I’ve been treating him. 

And it’s not like I’m insulting the guy in anyway…I’m just actually very disconnected. I have no interest in him and I’ve never said anything to make him think that I am. HOWEVER, I’ve never said anything in letting him know that he has no fucking chance. 

I’m in no way leading him on. Most of the time I don’t answer his texts and when I do they’re short, concise answers. I’m a coward in the aspect that I can’t be direct and just say “stop. no. just…no”

If I could be honest, this is what I would say:

Sorry, but you bore me. It’s weird that you travel the world and do all these amazing things here in Houston, basically the same shit I do, BUT YOU’RE BORING. How is that?? Most people when they travel, do things, have hobbies…they have a lot to say! They’re enthusiastic about this stuff. Are you enthusiastic…on the inside???? Do you suffer from bored face syndrome?? 

Your jokes are clever…but also boring. What’s up with that? Do I not find you funny because I’m overwhelmed with boredom? Maybe if I did like you, I’d laugh more but I meh…and a girl always wants a guy who makes her laugh. 

The thing is, you’re very nice, you’re not thirsty, and you text me just the right amount to the point that I’m not annoyed. You’ve done everything right except that I just don’t find you exciting. Sorry. 

You’re nice and you like to do fun things. I have no worries that you’ll find someone with the same interests as you with the same amount of zest (or lack there of) for life. 

see? jerk. 

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There are all types of love in this world but never the same love twice.
F. Scott Fitzgerald (via glamour)
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Idiosyncrasies - Good Will Hunting

In memory of Robin Williams’ death. I’ve posted this clip on this blog before. Definitely a fave.